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MMCCU is Proud to be a Marshfield Area Credit Union

If you’re searching for a credit union or bank in Marshfield and the surrounding area, Marshfield Medical Center Credit Union encourages you to find a financial institution that aligns with your values, is insured, and offers a variety of services to meet your needs.

MMCCU is proud to be a credit union because it means we are not responsible to shareholders, like a bank would be. Instead, our sole purpose is to serve our members.

We understand you work hard for your money, so why should your bank or credit union take your hard earned money through fees and high interest rates on loans?

You may want to look for a bank or credit union with staff you can trust for sound advice and friendly service, a place where you are treated as a person and not a number.  Working with a local financial institution also means local governance and support for your community.

At Marshfield Medical Center Credit Union, we take the time to address each individual’s needs by offering products and services to help members meet their financial goals.  We understand the importance of meeting with members when they have questions or need help, and we try to make ourselves available to handle people stopping by or calling in.

We are a closed-charter credit union which means we are open to employees in health care and their immediate family members.  As a credit union, our decisions are driven by what is best for our members, not shareholders.

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