Be Wary of Scams During Coronavirus Pandemic

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Credit Union National Association (CUNA) warns that fraudsters are leveraging fears over the coronavirus as an opportunity to scam financial institutions and consumers.

“We are aware of fraudulent emails looking like they are from the CDC and WHO providing information about the COVID-19 pandemic,” said David Murphy, VP of Finance & Risk at Marshfield Medical Center Credit Union (MMCCU). “When the recipient clicks on the link, they are taken to a harmful website that may install malware or other malicious software onto the user’s computer.”

Other phishing attempts are happening where the fraudster is attempting to capture sensitive personal information from the recipient through email.

“Please pay close attention to the messages you are reading,” said Murphy. “If you are unaware of who is sending you the message, please do not open it and delete it immediately.”

To help protect yourself from scammers:

• Use only reputable sources when searching for information about the coronavirus.
• Be aware of phishing emails and never click unknown attachments or links.
• Be cautious of emails and phone calls offering unexpected information and asking for personal information.

MMCCU will never email asking for personal information.

“The credit union will never email you out of the blue requesting you to provide or confirm personal information, like your social security number, debit card number, or other personal information,” said Murphy. “Do not click on any links in emails you were not expecting or did not request.”

CUNA and MMCCU are following developments of the coronavirus disease and will provide updates as information and materials become available. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to MMCCU at 715.387-8686.

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