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Though the 2020 Child Life Bash to support Child Life and Expressive Therapies at Marshfield Clinic Health System was canceled this year, Marshfield Medical Center Credit Union is honoring their commitment to the organization through a $2,000 donation.

“Their important work continues, supporting the littlest patients and families that still need the support of Child Life and Expressive Therapies,” said President Carol Adler. “Though the event cannot take place this year, we wanted to continue with our planned donation to this great cause.”

Certified Child Life Specialists, in partnership with doctors and nurses, strive to make the medical experience as positive as possible for patients and families, and focus on being able to support the whole family during those difficult times.

Whether it’s a little girl receiving her infusion treatment every week, babies spending days and weeks in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, or a young boy improving his motor skills through rehabilitation after a serious accident, children are still needing care and therefore needing Child Life and Expressive Therapies to help minimize stress and anxiety related to their care or to help enhance their understanding of upcoming procedures.

“These funds will help our Child Life team to continue their focus on minimizing the stress and anxiety of children undergoing medical treatment by providing developmentally appropriate preparation and support for procedures, developing and teaching coping skills to help promote relaxation, and normalizing their environment by providing age appropriate and safe play materials,” said Heidi Giese, Manager of Child Life and Expressive Therapies at Marshfield Children’s Hospital. “It is important for us to remember that a child’s work is play and even when they are sick they still need to be able to play, in some form, to help with their healing process.”

Child Life and Expressive Therapies is fully funded by philanthropic funds and they rely on donors each year through Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and Marshfield Clinic Health System Foundation to be able to provide services to their patients, ages 0-18, and their families.

“The donation received from MMCCU will help us continue to provide these services to children and families receiving care at Marshfield Children’s,” said Giese. “Without the community support we would not be able to help our littlest patients and their families cope with their hospitalization or medical treatments that they may have to endure.  We can’t thank MMCCU enough for the support that they continue to give our program!   It’s all For the LOVE of KIDS!”

To support the work of the Child Life and Expressive Therapies team, please visit

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