Play Bingo for a Cause this Holiday Season

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This holiday season, Marshfield Area Chamber of Commerce & Industry is hosting the “Business Booster Bingo” program. MMCCU is excited to participate! For our square, we are asking that participants choose 5 items from the Ronald McDonald House Wish List (find it here).

“We are requesting donations to be given to the Ronald McDonald House in honor of Carol Adler, our President here at the credit union,” explained David Murphy, VP of Finance & Risk. “She’s on their Board of Directors, but will be leaving in spring to coincide with her retirement. We felt this was a good way to celebrate her time serving the community through this great organization.”

To learn more about how to participate in Business Booster Bingo, visit, or click here [external link].

GOOD TO NOTE: You don’t have to play Bingo to donate 🙂 Donations are always welcome!

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