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Tax season is almost here!  For those seeking help with understanding, planning and properly filing this tax season, MMCCU has once again partnered with Kenneth Courts, the owner of CFS, and a longtime partner.

CLICK HERE to secure an appointment date and time, or call 262-232-8080.

“We are happy to work with Kenneth again this tax season, as he provides a great service for our members not only with the tax preparation but with the financial advice he is able to share,” said David Murphy, VP of Finance & Risk. “Financial planning and tax preparation do not always go hand in hand, and Kenneth is able to offer guidance that addresses both components.”

Once a Northern Minnesota native, Courts is now a proper Wisconsinite and has worked with the membership of the credit union for over five years.

“I really enjoy serving the friendly people/community of Marshfield, specifically the members of Marshfield Medical Center Credit Union,” he said. “I try to align myself as an extension of MMCCU to provide clarity and quality in complex financial areas, just as they do. Ultimately, I enjoy solving problems for members in the arena we call tax prep, and adding an aspect of tax planning.”

Courts believes that ALL financial planning has a tax component and that tax planning has a financial component. For this reason, he has built what he calls a “dual practice,” simultaneously doing both as a Tax Professional and Financial Advisor. He believes it’s important to start on the tax side to best share financial plans. Through their partnership, MMCCU and CFS cover all the bases.

“I always prefer to meet with members in person, but given our COVID challenges I am content serving the MMCCU community in any way possible,” said Courts. “Given the financial planning side of tax preparation and future tax planning, I prefer to take time to get acquainted and fully understand the goals of members first. Then, I can assist with tax scenarios from basic to complicated and work toward the very best result”

Courts and MMCCU provide the options needed to make this tax season attractive, from great pricing to accommodations, to planning and sound advice. Call Courts’ office at 262-232-8080 with questions or to schedule an appointment. Or, click here and secure a date and time that meets your needs to meet Courts at MMCCU, in person. Should you seek a more contactless approach, reach out to Courts to discuss the option that works best for you.

CLICK HERE to secure an appointment date and time, or call 262-232-8080.

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