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Co-op Shared Branching, a network unique to credit unions in which members of a participating credit union can transact “simple” transactions at other credit union locations, is available at nearly 6,000 locations. Currently, more than 2,000 credit unions participate.

A member wintering in Arizona, for example, can locate a participating credit union close by and deposit funds, withdraw funds or make a loan payment at that credit union for their account with MMCCU. The member must have valid photo ID and know their MMCCU account number. There are some restrictions and limitations.

The “host” credit union sets the rules for availability of specific services. For example, a member cannot close an account or conduct transactions to IRAs, HSAs, CDs, pledged accounts – for various reasons.

Members benefit from the convenience of service locations or “branches” – only second to the biggest bank in the country. With almost 2,000 credit unions participating, shared branching encompasses more than one-third of the credit union industry and serves more than 65 million members.

“We wanted our members to have the convenience when traveling OR if there is an emergency (car breaks down away from home or student needs funds),” said MMCCU President Carol Adler. “There is no charge to the member for this program.”

Between 200 – 300 other members use the MMCCU location monthly and about 100 of MMCCU members use other locations monthly.

New shared branch locations are opening regularly throughout the State of Wisconsin, and beyond. According to the Wisconsin Credit Union Shared Service Centers, Inc, CO-OP Shared Branching is the 2nd largest network among all US financial institutions – and the only one with locations in all 50 states.

Find nationwide branches at, 888-SITE-CO-OP (888-748-3266) or free apps for Apple and Android devices.

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