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MMCCU’s Ethan Posteluk Shares Insight

In this special guest blog post, our very own Ethan Posteluk shares his experiences with finances. Ethan’s last day at MMCCU is Wednesday, so we asked him to share some of his financial wisdom before he moves onto his next adventure!

Here’s what he wrote:

For me personally, everything is a challenge. I don’t get scared of obstacles or change; I see it as an opportunity to grow. It hurts sometimes, but that’s life. Change is inevitable and the opportunities from that change are whatever you make them.

I moved to Madison when I was just turning 19 years-old to be on my own and try to see if I could manage. It was difficult and up until that point I never realized how expensive groceries were! It was difficult at times fighting the crazy amount of traffic then going home to a tiny studio apartment, but I was managing.

After a short stint in Madison, I moved to Wausau to be a little closer to home and in a more affordable area. Wausau brought its challenges as well and because of those obstacles I moved back to Marshfield and began to grow where my roots had been planted.

I think an awesome piece of advice for any young person looking to get ahead of life is this: keep it simple but pick up the pace. Life doesn’t slow down for anyone so getting behind is not out of the ordinary. If you can manage your time and your goals, you can be really successful in this life.

The many times I chose to spend money when I didn’t have it put me in a financial bubble of stress and instability. It can cause friendships, relationships, and business acquaintances to become distant.

Take your time on making decisions, but don’t let the moment come and go; before you know it the opportunity has passed and no progress has been made.

The numerous life lessons I learned and the knowledge gained from that experience doesn’t have a price tag. Looking back, there are things I would’ve done differently, but then who knows where I’d be at today. The good and bad make the man, but how you handle the stresses of everyday life, allows for growth and progress as a person.

Financial Tips

  • Save Save Save!
  • The more you can save, the less stressed you’ll be financially.
  • Investing shouldn’t be scary. Invest what you can and build your future.
  • Asking for help is not a sign of weakness.
  • Play the long game. As 18-, 19-, and 20-year-olds we have so much time ahead of us. Don’t rush things!
  • Being out on your own can be scary. Having a good support system can help relieve some pressure.

For more resources for college students, visit our MMCCU Financial Aid page here.

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