Benefits of Using a Local Mortgage Loan Officer

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There are several reasons to choose a local Mortgage Loan Officer, including convenience, efficiency, and reliability. At MMCCU, one person takes your loan from start to finish.

“You’re involved with the member from beginning to conclusion,” said Jerry Litwaitis, VP of Lending at MMCCU. “This means, that your documents are not handed off to any other department or individual.”

Instead of working with a loan officer, processor, underwriter, and closer that don’t always communicate well, at MMCCU there is one person handling everything.

“The personal service makes a difference,” said Litwaitis. “You have one person to contact and that person knows all aspects of what you’re doing. It’s more efficient.”

MMCCU partners with a larger mortgage company (SERVION), which allows for large company capabilities with the personal touch.

“Working as a loan officer here is great, too, because you get to know the member and are able to assist them through the entire process,” said Litwaitis.

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