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Marshfield Medical Center Credit Union has one open board position. Board members are volunteers and come from the membership. They come from various professions and bring a passion to get involved and help steer the credit union. Board members oversee and govern the management of the credit union.

MMCCU’s longest tenured board member, John Dean, retired this year after serving the board for more than 40 years in various positions from chairman to treasurer.

“At a credit union, the board is strictly volunteer and is not compensated at all. At most banks, as a board member you get paid. In my 44 years on the board, I didn’t receive any amount of money,” said Dean, adding that it’s this emphasis on members that sets credit unions apart and it’s the variety of representation serving on the board that help it succeed.

“Board Members come from the membership and the membership comprises of both professionals and nonprofessionals,” he explained. “We had doctors on the board, lawyers on the board, we had people that were head of maintenance, people head of laundry services, IT… it was diverse just like the credit union membership is diverse.”

(Learn more about Dean’s time on the board here.)

If you are interested in joining the Board, please contact David Murphy at 715-387-8686 or

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