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earth day at the credit union

Earth Day is celebrated on April 22 to educate the world about pollution, deforestation, and other issues impacting the planet. Since 1970, this annual celebration has made an effort to make our world a healthier, happier place. At the credit union, there is an easy way to celebrate Earth Day – by going paper-free! By reducing, reusing, and recycling, you are cutting back on what you throw away.

Here are some easy paper-free options available:

  1. Ask for paperless receipts. According to ClimateAction.org, every year in the United States, receipt use consumes over 3 million trees, 9 billion gallons of water, and generates over 4 billion pounds of CO2 (the equivalent of 450,000 cars on the road) and 302 million pounds of solid waste during production. By asking for a digital receipt, you can help!
  2. Sign up for e-statements. Electronic statements (e-statements) deliver important documents right to your inbox, bypassing the need for printing and mailing. Not only does this reduce clutter in your home, it has a positive impact on the planet!
  3. Use a debit card or e-payment instead of paper checks. Pay electronically right from your account and skip the need for a paper check.
  4. Choose local! By choosing a local credit union (like MMCCU!) your money stays local to impact initiatives right here in the community. By bypassing a national bank, you’re ensuring better control over how your money is used. (More reasons to choose a Credit Union – click here!) Parking your cash in a savings account or certificate of deposit in any financial institution is essentially a loan for that institution. National banks are more likely to be involved in environmentally harmful practices such as coal mining or oil rigs, for example.

Have more ideas on how to Go Green this Earth Day? Let us know!


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