Shared Branching Provides Convenience for Marshfield Credit Union Member Working Overseas

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When longtime MMCCU member Roy Kaiser was working abroad, he could conduct in-person basic banking transactions at his own credit union – from more than 4,000 miles away – thanks to Shared Branching.

Shared Branching is a national network of credit unions from all over the country that share facilities to give members thousands of convenient locations to perform financial transactions. At any Shared Branch location, members can get a copy of account history, make loan payments, withdraw money, transfer funds, make deposits, cash checks, and more.

Kaiser learned about Shared Branching after joining the MMCCU Board of Directors about 15 years ago, but first used the service while working in Germany a few years ago.

“When visiting family and friends throughout the State and Country, out of interest I would look for the Shared Branching logo at local Credit Unions to see if they provided the service. Most did,” he said. “I didn’t actually use Shared Branching until working and living in Germany in 2019.”

While abroad, Kaiser used Shared Branching to easily and securely conduct transactions as if he were back here in Marshfield.

“Even while working in a foreign country, there wasn’t a need to change any of the services I typically received from Marshfield Medical Center Credit Union: Direct deposit, cash withdrawals, automatic bill payment, linkage to pay credit cards, etc.,” he said. “I didn’t need to change a thing, which would have been a major hassle.”

By simply providing MMCCU’s routing and his account number, the Shared Branch transacted his request as if he were in Marshfield. Additionally, the Shared Branch would withdraw from Kaiser’s MMCCU account and simultaneously convert the funds to Euro when needed.

“There were no fees for using the service, again much like using MMCCU services,” he said.

Shared Branching is widely available, with nearly 6000 Shared Branching locations throughout the U.S. and internationally. Those who travel south for the winter or go away to college don’t need to hassle with changing credit unions, thanks to the program.

“I do want to mention that many of the international locations are within military facilities that have restricted entry, including the locations I used in Germany,” noted Kaiser. “Members should check in advance about access, even if a Branch’s website doesn’t comment about limited access.”

Locally, even non-members can take advantage of MMCCU’s Shared Branching benefits.

“As an example specific to Marshfield, the many employees of the nearby Marshfield healthcare facilities, who are members of other Credit Unions that participate in Shared Branching, could use MMCCU services as if they were a member,” said Kaiser. “For me, the service was very helpful while working in another country, but for some the value can be the local convenience provided by Shared Branching.”

New shared branch locations are opening regularly throughout the State of Wisconsin, and beyond. Find nationwide branches at, 888-SITE-CO-OP (888-748-3266) or free apps for Apple and Android devices.

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