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how to join a credit union

Become a Credit Union Member at MMCCU

A credit union is a financial institution that’s owned by its members. (Member = someone that has money at the CU). Members get to vote on the credit union’s Board of Directors, which lead the credit union. They are financial institutions focused on serving members and their community. Unlike competing financial institutions, credit unions return their profits to members in the form of lower fees and interest rates and higher yields. Not-for-profit credit unions provide the same products and services as banks, but with unmatched service, convenience and cost.

Don’t be scared away by CU terminology like “member” and “eligibility”; the process to join is much the same as a bank. Anyone can become a credit union member, though you will need to meet that credit union’s field of membership requirements. The field of membership can be broad, including an employer, church, school, community and employee group. (At MMCCU, you must receive a paycheck from a healthcare business to be eligible for membership. If you are employed in the health care industry in Wisconsin or are an immediate family member of an employee, you can join us*).

To Join a Credit Union, you simply have to:

  • Meet the eligibility requirement
  • Supply the following documents (typically):
    • Social Security Number or Tax Identification Number
    • A current bill or bank statement (if identification does not show current address)
    • Valid identification, such as a driver’s license, passport, or other government-issued ID
    • A reason why you’re eligible to join the credit union
  • Make a small deposit (to become a member-owner)
  • Start using your account!

Marshfield Medical Center Credit Union proudly serves the health care community (and their families) throughout Wisconsin. This means that not just doctors and nurses can be members, but also chiropractors, veterinarians and certified veterinary technicians, dentists, pharmacy workers, medical supply company workers, assisted living facility employees, EMT’s, and many more.

If you are a doctor, you can become a member. If you work as a receptionist in a dental office, you can become a member. If you are a janitor at a place that manufactures dental implants, you can become a member. If you work in a medical lab, you can become a member. If you receive a paycheck from the health care industry, you can become a member!*

Once a member, you’re a member for life! Even if you transfer careers, you and your immediate family can remain members.

To join or for additional information please contact us at (715)387-8686 (toll free 800-818-5049) or visit our office at 302 West Upham Street in Marshfield.

*Membership eligibility required. Federally insured by NCUA.

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