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MMCCU members have access to the SecurLOCK app that provides digital control to MMCCU debit cardholders. This can help protect from fraud and unauthorized use of the card, therefore providing day-to-day peace of mind and a convenient tool for travel. SecurLOCK may contact members with debit cards to verify spending through new service SecurLOCK Communicate.

“It’s important to be aware of financial scams as there is so much of it out there,” said MMCCU President David Murphy. We wanted to let our debit cardholding members know that SecurLOCK contact is legitimate as we have enrolled in SecurLOCK Communicate.”

According to recent data, 88% of fraud victims across the market do not receive real time fraud alerts which would assist with early fraud identification and prevention, despite 85% of the world owning mobile devices. SecurLOCK Communicate addresses this urgent market need by alerting cardholders quickly and in the manner they prefer to be contacted. Typical time of engagement after trigger transaction is less than 30 seconds.

“SecurLOCK Communicate attempts to contact cardholders through text (1st), phone call (2nd), and email (3rd) based on what we have on file,” added Murphy. “We encourage members to keep that data updated with us whenever changes are made to primary phone numbers or email addresses.”

Search for “SecurLOCK Equip” in your app store to download and install the app on your mobile device. You can opt-out of SMS text alerts by texting STOP to a fraud alert SMS text.

To learn more, contact MMCCU today!

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