International Credit Union Day

At Marshfield Medical Center Credit Union, we are celebrating International Credit Union Day! (Which also happens to fall on our 56th anniversary as a credit union!) On this special day, we wanted to share information with you about credit unions and how we can help you and your family!

Anyone employed in the health care industry in Wisconsin (or an immediate family member of an employee) can join us! If you receive a paycheck from the health care industry, you can become a member!*

A member is simply someone that has deposited money in a credit union. Anyone who does this is then an owner-member. This makes you both a customer and an owner of the credit union.

Why a Credit Union instead of a bank? Our sole purpose as a financial cooperative is to provide better service, better rates and lower fees to our members (not shareholders!).

  • Credit Unions return earnings to members rather than investors.
  • Credit unions are cooperatively owned and democratically controlled financial institutions focused on serving members and their community.
  • Unlike competing financial institutions, credit unions return their profits to members in the form of lower fees and interest rates and higher yields.
  • Not-for-profit credit unions provide the same products and services as banks, but with unmatched service, convenience and cost.
  • Board members at MMCCU are volunteers and elected by membership.

What distinguishes MMCCU from other financial institutions is our ability to focus on you and your needs, and not on the products that best serves the bottom line. We take the time to sit down with you, listen to what your needs are, and offer the best available products that suit those needs.

As a not-for-profit financial cooperative, the goals of the directors and officers of your credit union is to make decisions that provides the most benefits to our member-owners.

To join or for additional information please contact us at 715-387-8686 (toll free 800-818-5049) or visit our office at 302 West Upham Street in Marshfield.

Thanks and Happy International Credit Union Day!




Olivia Zirbel

Michelle Lang
Mary Graf
Neil Belke
Jaxon Rasmussen
Merri Miles-Kroening

Paula Zellmer
Charles Berger
Anne Bump
Connie Brock
Kathleen Collins
Thomas Witzel
Lisa Helstein
Albert Bucheger
Paige Faber
Sherry Wiedow

(If you are a winner, please contact our office at 715-387-8686 or!)

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Security update: If you receive a call asking for any MMCCU account information, this is a scam. Hang up and call us at 715-387-8686.