MACCI Bingo: Support Ronald McDonald House Charities

This holiday season, Marshfield Area Chamber of Commerce & Industry is hosting the “Business Booster Bingo” program. MMCCU is excited to participate! For our square, we are asking that participants choose 5 items from the Ronald McDonald House Wish List (below).

“We are requesting donations to be given to the Ronald McDonald House in honor of Carol Adler, our President here at the credit union,” explained David Murphy, VP of Finance & Risk. “She’s on their Board of Directors, but will be leaving in spring to coincide with her retirement. We felt this was a good way to celebrate her time serving the community through this great organization.”

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RMHC Wish List

(You may also DOWNLOAD a printable Wish List here)

Your generosity changes lives.

Through our hospitality a la carte program, RMHC supports individuals who spend hours on end at the hospital with their critically ill child. The hospitality a la carte will provide a bit of comfort as volunteers push it through the hospital hallways offering smiles, snacks, toiletries, and more. All offered free of charge. Besides the immediate needs these small tokens can meet, they provide simple reminders to the families that they have a network of supporters during such a challenging time.

PANTRY ITEMS (individual size)

Bottles of water

Breakfast and granola bars

Fruit cups

Applesauce and pouches

Chips and pretzels

Crystal light powder sticks

Juice boxes


Mobile chargers (android & apple with wall plug)

Ear buds or headphones

Small Notepads


We are also appreciative of gift cards that allow our team to purchase cart items when needed.

Grocery store (Festival Foods, Pick ‘N Save)







Individually-wrapped combs or brushes

Deodorant (men’s and women’s)**

Makeup remover wipes**





Sleep masks

Ear plugs

Slippers and Fuzzy socks (adult and child)

Water bottles (reusable)

Please note: We do not need shampoo, conditioner or bar soap at this time.

For updates on our immediate needs, please follow us on Facebook! To view our full wish list, visit our website at Please note, due to infection control standards, all donated items must be new and in original packaging.