August 2021
lower interest rate not always better
Lower Interest Rate is Not Always a Savings in the Long Run Interest rates are important, but a lower interest rate is not the only thing to consider when choosing a home loan. The lowest interest rate does not always save you the most money or get you the best deal. There are other factors...
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construction loan wisconsin
Construction Loans Available at MMCCU Whether you’re building something new or expanding on an existing property, MMCCU is here to help you through the construction loan process. Below are some tips to get you started, and as always, feel free to reach out to our team for more information! Tip #1: Choose Local! At MMCCU,...
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snowmobile loan
Power motorsports are a fun activity in Wisconsin winters. If you are in need of a loan for a new snowmobile, MMCCU is happy to talk with you. As snowmobiles can cost thousands of dollars, some type of financing is often used to facilitate the purchase. “Snowmobiling is a fun winter activity for many people...
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health care credit union wisconsin
Wisconsin Health Care Credit Union Did you know that Marshfield Medical Center Credit Union is the largest health care credit union in Wisconsin? Our membership is healthcare workers and their families, so we understand this demographic and can serve them best. Being a credit union means our main purpose is to serve our members. A...
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shared branching location
The CO-OP Shared Branch network allows members from participating financials to preform transactions at another credit union. This system allows for easy access to funds and provides a less stressful way to manage money. You can visit more than 5,000 locations at participating credit unions to conduct transactions including deposits, withdrawals, loan payments, and transfers....
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family credit union
Family Members Welcome at Marshfield Medical Center Credit Union Did you know? If you are a member of MMCCU, your immediate family members are also eligible for membership even if they do not work in a medical-related field. A member is simply someone that has deposited money in a credit union. Anyone who does this...
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