Bill Pay

Remove the hassle from paying bills.


– Send payments to any business or anyone in the U.S. from online banking or our mobile app

– Get up-to-date bill balances and bill statements from billers via eBills

– Make payments quickly, on the date you specify, and many at the last minute


-Easily add bills to pay following on-screen prompts with eBills; or snap a picture of a bill using our mobile app

-Schedule one-time or recurring bill payments

-Set up reminders when an eBill is due


-Access bill pay using one, secure digital banking login; No separate bill pay login required

-Ease with eBills—No need to remember multiple logins to biller

-Get confirmation from your eBillers when payment is made

How To Pay Your Bills
from your phone

SIGN IN: Sign into Marshfield Medical Center Credit Union online banking on your desktop or mobile phone. Select Bill Pay from the navigation menu.

ADD A PAYEE: From the “I want to…” dropdown menu, select “Pay Bills”.  Enter the payee details.  Enter the amount and confirm the payment date and Pay From account information.

PAY YOUR BILL: Click “Submit Payment.” Once you have paid, the payee is automatically added to your bill pay dashboard. From here, you can also set up recurring payments, notifications, etc.

Bill Pay Key Terms

Electronic Payee

A biller that allows payments to be processed electronically. We will deliver the payment to the biller by the delivery date; however, biller may take 1 to 2 business days to post the payment to your account.

Paper Check Payee

A biller that will receive a physical check in the mail delivered by the United States Postal System (USPS), which can take 3 to 4 business days. Please allow 1 to 2 business days for the merchant to post the payment to your account.

Recurring Payment

Ongoing, periodic payment to a biller. You define payment amount, frequency, start and end cycle.

P2P Payment

P2P (Pay-a-Person) payments allow you to safely and quickly send money to any individual located in the United States with an account in the U.S. banking system, whether they have a MMCCU account or not. Payments are initiated using the P2P app available within Bill Pay. The recipient can accept the funds immediately via debit card or within 1 to 2 days using a financial institution routing and account number.

A2A Payment

A2A (Transfer between my Accounts) payments allow you to securely move funds between your MMCCU account and accounts at another financial institution. Instant account verification eliminates the need for micro-deposit set-up, and you can schedule a transfer to/from that account within the same session.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does Bill Pay work?

Bill Pay allows you to manage and pay your bills in one place via online or mobile banking. You can pay almost any company or person with a U.S. mailing address. Payments are secure, and we make most of them electronically, because that’s how most companies are set up to receive them. For individuals or companies that don’t accept electronic payments, we send a paper check via U.S. Mail. With eBills, you can get your statements (PDF) delivered right to Marshfield Medical Center Credit Union online.

How do I know if a payee accepts digital payments?

On your Bill Pay dashboard, there is a lightning bolt icon displayed next to each biller that accepts electronic payments, and a leaf icon next to each biller that offers eBills.

When will payments be withdrawn from my account?

The timing depends on when you set up the payment to be processed. If you set up a payment the same day you want it to pull from your account, the amount will be withdrawn immediately. If you schedule a payment for a future date, the funds will come out of your account the morning of the send on date selected.

Is there a limit on the number of bills I can pay with online/mobile Bill Pay?

No. There is no limit on the number of bills.

How much does it cost to use Bill Pay?

Bill Pay is a free feature for members of the Marshfield Medical Center Credit Union.

To meet your due dates, we recommend:

• For check payments, schedule payments at least 5 days in advance (this does not mean you pay your bill ahead of its due date, only that you schedule it to arrive by the due date), in order to give us enough time to process and mail the check.
• For electronic payments, schedule payments at least 2 days in advance.
• For rush payments, refer to the “Earliest Send On” and “Earliest Deliver By” dates. Fee for rush payments are $14.95/payment.

What are eBills?

eBills is a feature that allows you to receive electronic (PDF) versions of paper bills and pay them directly from your Bill Pay account. Once you set up an individual eBill for a company, an eBill is delivered directly from that payee to your Bill Pay account. Examples of businesses that offer eBills are cable service providers, phone service providers, utility providers and credit card companies. eBills are not the same as recurring payments, which you must schedule. On your Bill Pay dashboard, there will be a “Sign up for eBilling” button next to each payee that offers eBills. A leaf icon ( ) is displayed next to each payee that you have linked to eBills.

Can I set up notifications with Bill Pay?

Yes. The following notifications—sent via email or text—are available for eBills:
• Payment due reminder
• Payment due today
• Payment past due
• Payment scheduled
• Payment posted
• Balance more than specified amount

For billers that do not offer eBills, we can email you the following notifications: a summary of daily payments; when a payee is created; and when payments over a specified amount are scheduled.

To Add a Payee (online):

  1. Sign into Marshfield Medical Center Credit Union online banking on your desktop or mobile phone. Select Bill Pay from the navigation
  2. Select a logo from the list of Payees, or Enter the name of a Payee into the Search box, then select the logo from the resulting Payees list.Click the “Add Payee” button at the top
  1. If the Payee is not there, click the “Add Payee Manually” button or select “Search by ” Fill out payee information on next screen.
  2. Once you select the Payee, enter your login credentials in the Login Hit the “Sign in and Get My Bills” Button.
  3. Once the account is linked, click “Go to Pay Bills” or “Manage ”

To Make a One-Time or Recurring Payment:

  1. From the Bill Pay dashboard, enter the amount and due date next to the name of the
  2. You may edit the “Pay From” account and add details by selecting the arrow to the left of the biller name to expand the information
  3. Click “Pay Bills”
  4. To make a Recurring Payment, Select the “Off” button to the right of the biller
  5. Enter the amount, payment date, Pay From account information, frequency, and end Click “Save.

eBill Notifications:

  1. From the Bill Pay dashboard, expand the payee information by selecting the arrow to the left of the payee
  2. Click the “eBilling”
  3. Select “Notifications” from the dropdown Select notifications preferences. Click “Save” button.

Payment Notifications:

  1. From the Bill Pay dashboard, select “Update my Preferences” from the “I want ..” dropdown menu
  2. Select the notification Click “Save” button.