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NSF Item Fee $25.00 per item
Non-Return Item Fee $25.00 per item
Deposited Item – Return Fee $25.00 per item
USPS Return Mail Fee $5.00 per item
Dormant Account Fee9 $10.00 per quarter
History/Duplicate Statement Fee $3.00 per statement
Outgoing Wire Transfer $20.00 per transfer
Outgoing Foreign Wire Transfer (Restrictions Apply-Call for Details) $90.00 to $150.00 per transfer
Incoming Wire Transfer $10.00 per transfer
Non-member Check Cashing Fee $10.00 per check
Foreign Item Processing Fee $25.00 per item
Tax Levy Presentments $50.00 per levy


Courtesy Pay Fee $20.00 per item
Stop Payment Order/Per Item $25.00
Stop Payment Order/Per Book $50.00
Draft Photocopy $3.00 per copy
Account Reconciliation $25.00 per hour
Counter Checks 0.25¢ per check


Debit Card Replacement $10.00 per item
Debit Card Special Shipping Fee $30.00


Cashier’s Checks to Third Party $5.00 per item
Member Photocopies 20¢ per page
HSA Set-Up Fee $15.00
HSA Corrected IRS Filing Fee $10.00
Holiday Club Early Withdrawal Fee $10.00 per withdrawal
Safe Deposit Box Fees (Annual) $20.00 -small
$30.00 -medium
$50.00 -large
VISA Gift Card ($10.00 to $1,000.00) $3.50 each
VISA Travel Money Cards $10.00 each
Additional VISA Travel Money Cards $10.00 each
VISA Travel Money Cash Add Fee $5.00 per add
International Currency Exchange Rates Applicable Varies – see disclosure
Duplicate Lien Release $10.00
Foreign Currency $15.00 (+ exchange rate)
Investor Savings (balances below $1,000) $10.00 per month

9Dormant account fee applies only for savings/checking accounts with balances under $100.00 AND if member has no other active accounts (loans, savings, certificates) AND there has been no transaction activity for 12 months.

Effective March 2022


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