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At Marshfield Medical Center Credit Union, we resonate deeply with the sentiments expressed in a recent article featured in CUInsight, which underscores the core values we uphold under the leadership of our President, David Murphy. The essence of the article reinforces our mission at MMCCU, emphasizing the unwavering commitment of credit unions to prioritize people over profits.

Unlike for-profit financial institutions, credit unions like ours are intrinsically tied to the well-being of our members and the communities we serve. The inception of the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) was a pivotal moment aimed at rectifying the injustices perpetuated by redlining and discriminatory practices within the banking sector, particularly affecting minority and low-income communities.

However, credit unions, by their very nature and structure, have long been aligned with the objectives of the CRA. Our mission inherently focuses on extending financial services to those marginalized by traditional banks, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility for all.

While advocating for the equitable application of CRA requirements, it’s imperative to recognize the unique challenges credit unions face, particularly regarding their limited fields of membership. Redirecting resources towards compliance may detract from our primary goal of serving our members and communities effectively.

The tangible impact of credit unions on the lives of our 140 million member-owners speaks volumes. In 2022 alone, credit unions delivered over $25 billion in benefits to their members, demonstrating a steadfast commitment to their financial well-being.

During times of financial uncertainty, credit unions have consistently stepped up to fulfill the needs of consumers, even amidst crises like the COVID-19 pandemic. The data unequivocally showcases the disparity in lending practices between credit unions and banks, with credit unions exhibiting a more proactive approach to meeting consumer demands.

Moreover, while banks have been closing branches, exacerbating the issue of banking deserts, credit unions have been actively expanding their footprint, striving to bridge the gap in underserved communities.

Notably, credit unions have demonstrated a greater propensity to support financial inclusion in minority communities, surpassing the efforts of traditional banks. This commitment to diversity and equity underscores the fundamental principle of credit unions: people helping people.

Despite attempts by the banking lobby to impede credit union growth, we remain steadfast in our mission. Outdated policies and regulatory barriers only serve to hinder our ability to fulfill our mandate of providing safe and affordable financial services to those in need.

It’s imperative for Congress and regulators to recognize the invaluable role credit unions play in fostering economic empowerment and prosperity within their communities. Instead of succumbing to misguided narratives, they should focus on facilitating an environment conducive to credit union growth and innovation.

Ultimately, the ethos of credit unions revolves around the well-being of our members and communities, not shareholder profits. At MMCCU, we remain committed to upholding these principles, ensuring that our actions consistently reflect our dedication to the people we serve.

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