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cu at the top podcast episode 3

Welcome back to another insightful episode of the CU At The Top podcast! In this episode, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Justin Houle, VP and Chief Financial Officer at Heartland Credit Union in Minnesota. Join us as we dive into Justin’s journey, filled with valuable experiences and lessons learned along the way.

Justin’s journey into the world of credit unions began with a desire for growth and opportunity. Starting his career in accounting in 2013, Justin gained experience across various roles and organizations, from small companies to a stint at Wells Fargo. However, it was his transition into the credit union sector that ignited his passion. He shares how his roles at different credit unions provided invaluable insights into the industry, from member-centric practices to the dynamics of leadership.

One key aspect of Justin’s journey is his progression into leadership roles within credit unions. He reflects on his aspiration to have a seat at the table, where he could contribute his ideas and insights to the organization’s growth. Drawing from past experiences, including encounters with less-than-ideal leadership, Justin emphasizes the importance of fostering an inclusive and supportive environment for team members. His leadership philosophy is rooted in empowerment, where individuals are encouraged to voice their opinions and take ownership of their roles.

Throughout the conversation, Justin’s passion for the credit union movement shines through. From his early experiences as an accountant to his current role as VP and CFO at Heartland Credit Union, Justin’s journey is a testament to the opportunities for growth and development within the industry. His commitment to continuous learning and his dedication to serving both members and employees exemplify the core values of the credit union movement.

Tune into Episode 3 of the CU At The Top podcast and stay tuned for more inspiring conversations with leaders shaping the future of the credit union movement.

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