greenlight kids debit card
Teaching Kids Financial Responsibility, One Card at a Time In a groundbreaking move, Marshfield Medical Center Credit Union (MMCCU) announces its pioneering initiative to offer a Greenlight Debit Card for kids, solidifying its position as the first credit union in the State of Wisconsin to provide this innovative financial tool. President David Murphy expresses excitement...
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kid debit card
Introducing a debit card to a child can be a helpful and educational experience for several reasons: Financial Education: Having a debit card provides an opportunity for parents to teach their children about basic financial concepts. Kids can learn about budgeting, saving, spending wisely, and understanding the value of money in a practical way. Responsibility:...
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kids savings account
MMCCU Launches Kids Rewards Club Youth Savings Account MMCCU is helping young people learn how to save with a new Kids Rewards Club! This is a youth savings account designed to encourage good money practices at a young age. Anyone under age 18 is encouraged to bring a parent or guardian and sign up. Each...
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kids accounts money
Teaching kids about finances is a great way to help them be prepared for adult life. Concepts such as Spending and Saving are a good place to start. Marshfield Medical Center Credit Union is dedicated to helping our members of all ages. Below, find the resources available for kids at MMCCU! RELATED: Local Credit Union...
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