Saver’s Sweepstakes® Program Provides Chances to Win

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Save Money with a Chance to Win Prizes through Saver’s Sweepstakes® Program

Saver’s Sweepstakes® is The Wisconsin Credit Union League’s statewide prize-linked savings program. Saver’s Sweepstakes share savings accounts are designed to help individual credit union members save while giving them chances to win statewide cash prize drawings.

“The Saver’s Sweepstakes® Program is set up to encourage people to instead of spending that money and losing out on that money that they spend on the lottery, it encourages them to set aside money to save it for a rainy day,” explains David Murphy, VP of Finance & Risk. “The Saver’s Sweepstakes® allows you to build that emergency fund, with a chance to win prizes.”

Two MMCCU members each won $100 in 2020 monthly drawings! Learn more here.

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