Hike The Hill 2021 an Opportunity to Speak with Lawmakers

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hike the hill 2021

Marshfield Medical Center Credit Union participated in The Wisconsin Credit Union League’s annual “Hike The Hill” event, which this year took place virtually.

Hike the Hill is an annual event in which credit union professionals from across Wisconsin join together to march on Capitol Hill in DC to meet with legislators discussing the topics that are most impactful to credit unions and our ability to serve our members. In 2020 and 2021, this event has taken place virtually, with hope to be in Washington D.C. next year.

“Meeting with legislators as a group allows credit unions to advocate for legislation that is beneficial to the credit union industry and to voice our concerns for measures that would negatively impact our operations and our member’s lives,” said MMCCU President David Murphy. “We want legislators to know how the actions they take can impact their constituents’ financial lives.”

Murphy participated in a virtual meeting with Wisconsin Senators Ron Johnson and Tammy Baldwin, and Representative Tom Tiffany.

“We discussed the benefits of credit unions and how we have served our members since the last time we had visited the legislators,” said Murphy. “For example, this year we shared all the programs implemented by credit unions to combat the impact COVID had on individual’s finances. We also discuss the impact proposed legislation can have on credit unions and advocate for changes that benefit our members.”

Murphy added that credit union members should know that their credit union’s leadership is doing what they can do showcase the benefits of the industry and to advocate for changes that make it easier for members to enjoy these benefits.

“Legislators, on both the federal and state level, cover a wide array of topics that it’s hard for them to be experts in every facet of the daily American’s lives,” he said. “Our goal is simply to provide information that can help them make better informed decisions that can improve or maintain the quality of service credit union members can enjoy in their financial matters.”

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