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Have you thought about becoming an MMCCU Board Member, but aren’t sure what that would involve? Would you like to get a feel for the role first? MMCCU recently introduced Associate Board Member positions to the MMCCU Board. If you are interested in becoming an Associate Board Member, please contact MMCCU or Find the APPLICATION here.

Full Policy:

Directors of the credit union are governed by the Bylaws of the Marshfield Medical Center Credit Union. The board has recognized the importance of further involvement from the membership with the governance of the credit union through the implementation of an associate board program. Associate board members will be involved with discussions that affect the credit union but will not receive voting rights. They will also provide additional insight to management to determine the appropriate strategies to implement.

The program provides volunteer opportunities to serve the credit union, to make a difference in the community, to gain industry knowledge and experience in how credit unions operate, and to serve as a potential springboard for full board positions. In the event of a resignation or termination from a current board member, associate board members will be considered to fill any vacant seats outside of the regular annual meeting voting process.

The bylaws continue to govern full board members, and this policy lays out the guidelines for associate board members.


The board of directors lays out the requirements for the associate board members, including the selection and vetting of such volunteers. The board may rely on management to help administer requests for filling these positions, but final decision is up to the board. As such, it is also the board’s responsibility to govern this policy.


Associate board members can provide valuable feedback and insights to the needs and wants of the membership. While the position does not have voting rights, their involvement in these discussions helps the board make decisions in guiding the credit union into the future.

Individuals selected as associate board members will be expected to attend scheduled monthly board meetings. They can choose to participate in committee meetings if they desire to provide insight but will not be allowed to be an active committee member, as committees are to be filled only by board members. Associate board members in attendance for any meeting will not count towards a quorum of the board of directors. They may not call for a special meeting of the board on their own and must follow the rules set forth in the credit union’s Bylaws. They are not eligible to fill officer roles within the board.

Up to three (3) associate board members may serve simultaneously. The board has no deadline to fill these positions, meaning the position(s) can sit vacant for an indeterminate amount of time as necessary.


Associate board members need only be current members of the credit union 16 years of age or older as of the date they are elected to the position. However, no persons who are paid employees of the credit union are eligible to serve as associate board members unless the employee resigns employment with the credit union prior to being selected into the position.


Associate board members will run on one (1) year terms and are eligible to run for up to three (3) successive terms. Individuals will be limited to three (3) terms in total, whether consecutive or not.

This position does not guarantee that the individual will be nominated or elected to the board.

Selection Process

Members interested in filling an associate board member position should contact the Chair of the board of directors or President of the credit union. An application is to be completed and submitted for review from the full board of directors. Application reviews will be noted in the minutes of the board, and applicants will be notified of the board’s decision by the Chair or the President. Appendix A to this policy is a copy of the application used for these positions.

Associate Board Member Expectations

Associate board members are expected to attend all scheduled board meetings and any ancillary meetings as requested by the chair of the board. Each member will be allowed up to two (2) excused absences during each term. Meeting participation is a big part of the position, as experience is gained through attendance. Knowledge of state and federal political issues regarding the credit union movement also are an integral responsibility of directors, which will carry through to the associate board members. Members will also avoid initiating or participating in any action that may appear to be a personal conflict of interest, and any possible conflicts of interest must be disclosed to the board chair and/or President.

Members will also be asked to be advocates for the credit union, promoting the credit union within the community to those eligible for our services. They are encouraged to attend all credit union sponsored social activities including volunteers.

Members will be expected to take training courses as directed by the board chair and/or President. All training costs will be paid by the credit union in accordance with the Travel & Reimbursement of Business Expenses policy.

Removal from Positions

Associate board members who close their membership with the credit union automatically resign from their positions. Individuals who cause a loss to the credit union, have a known conflict of interest, are unable to be bonded for all activities of the credit union, refuse to sign the Oath of Office and/or willfully violate the Oath, or do not meet the expectations as laid out in this policy may be removed by majority vote from the board. Notification of the removal from their position will be made by way of letter signed from the Chair of the board and/or the President of the credit union.

Policy Review

This policy will be reviewed and approved by the board of directors annually.


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