How to Keep Your Money Safe When Traveling

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how to keep money safe when traveling

Money Traveling Tips

Whether you’re traveling across the state or out of the country, we want to help you keep your money safe when you’re on-the-go. MMCCU members have access to several resources – we are happy to answer any questions you may have!

General Tips:

Before you travel, contact your cardholder (and MMCCU!) to let us know where you’ll be going. This helps ensure that your accounts don’t get automatically locked for any “suspicious” activity.

Bring more than one form of payment when you travel. That way, you won’t be stranded without payment means if something happens to your go-to method. Consider carrying cash, too!

Resources available at MMCCU:

Visa Travel Card – A prepaid card that can be used around the world. Secure because it is decoupled from your credit union accounts so if the card is lost or stolen your accounts are not in jeopardy.

SecureLock – This app allows you to control and monitor card usage from your phone.

Foreign currency exchange – Need to order foreign currency? We can help with that!

Shared branching – Co-op Shared Branching, a network unique to credit unions in which members of a participating credit union can transact “simple” transactions at other credit union locations.

Mobile wallets – A convenient, safe, and free way to pay for items without worrying about carrying around a card or lots of cash

AllianceOne Network (free ATM) – Alliance One, a nationwide group of select-surcharge ATMs, gives you the power to access your money on your own terms.

If you have any questions about keeping your money safe when you’re traveling, feel free to reach out to our friendly team!

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