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If you’d like assistance with understanding, planning and properly filing this tax season, MMCCU has again partnered with Neufeld Capital Management’s Focused Tax Solutions to provide professional assistance. Neufeld will start making tax appointments Tuesday, Feb 1st and offer special pricing to all MMCCU members.

Neufeld Capital Management is a local option that specializes in all forms of financial planning, including retirement, tax preparation, and investments. Members may be familiar with Chris Neufeld, as he has hosted various workshops at MMCCU to better educate our community in past years.

Chris has been a financial planner for over 25 years and added tax preparation to his skillset in order to provide an even more holistic financial service to his clients.

“The actual tax-planning is enjoyable to me,” he said. “Being able to show people how they are being taxed and how to avoid different situations has given us the ability to help our clients navigate many different areas of their financial world successfully.”

Neufeld Capital Management offers in-person meetings or virtual meeting options, as well as a secure online portal to share documents. To get started, members can simply give Chris a call at 715-389-8663.

Most financial planners are not able to provide tax planning, so the ability to not only offer this service, but incorporate it into a larger financial plan, sets Chris apart.

“We can take a holistic approach to someone’s financial situation, see the full financial picture, and be proactive,” said Chris. “That does definitely set us apart from other advisors. We are a fiduciary here. By law, we have to act in the best interest of our clients. That’s always been extremely important to me, and it sets us apart.”

“It’s great that we have this local resource to offer to our members,” said David Murphy, President at MMCCU. “I hope to see our members utilize Chris Neufeld’s skillset to help them this tax preparation season.”

Call Chris’s office with questions or to schedule an appointment. Learn more at this link.

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