Celebrating Nurses on National Nurses Day 2022!

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National Nurses Week starts on May 6 every year (Florence Nightingale’s birthday) and is a great time to celebrate and thank these amazing people! We at MMCCU wanted to showcase nurses from our membership that are making a difference. Meet Brittany!

MMCCU member Brittany has worked in nursing for about a year, on an oncology/hematology unit.

“I knew I wanted to go into the medical field and with my personality traits and desire to help others, nursing was the perfect fit!” she said. “I enjoy when I am able to brighten my patient’s day in any way possible, even if it’s simply getting them a warm blanket. I love seeing that I am making a difference in their experience and making them feel more comfortable. I am always learning in this field and continue to grow my knowledge within healthcare and also have personal growth from my experiences.”

Brittany added that nurses are there for patients during some of the hardest moments of their lives.

“The patients can feel like they are at rock bottom and nurses are there to help pick up the pieces to get them healthier and stronger again,” she said. “I believe it’s important to recognize the emotional impact that patients have on us as well. We see patients receive treatment and get better, then go home! Which is so rewarding and amazing to witness and be a part of.

But, we can be the ones holding a loved one’s hand while they pass, who had been our patient for months that we had formed a strong connection with. Even during the most emotionally and physically exhausting days, I love my career and am so grateful to be a small part of someone’s experience and continue to advocate for them!”

Recognizing nurses during National Nurse’s Week (and year-round!) is so important. As a credit union dedicated to serving health care workers and their families, our team at MMCCU strives to help nurses with their financial needs.

“MMCCU has amazing staff that make you feel like family! They make connections with all of their members and always make you feel welcomed!” said Brittany. “I am so grateful that MMCCU is deciding to recognize nurses in a special way for National Nurses Week! It’s so appreciated and makes me feel extra thankful for being a member at this awesome credit union!”

MMCCU wishes to thank Brittany for sharing her nursing story with us and for all of her hard work in the nursing field!

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